CS501 Assignment 3 Solution Spring 2017

Question # 1:                                                                        12 Marks

Take NUXI Problem in context (as discussed in Lecture # 24) and store the following hexadecimal values (each 4 bytes) into Little-Endian and Big-Endian memory maps.

Hexadecimal Values

(Most Significant to Least Significant)


(lowest to highest address)


(lowest to highest address)

57B1002A h    
01234567 h    
25267292 h    
AA0040BC h    
FEBC6012 h    
1A4313D4 h    

Question # 2:                                                                        8 Marks

Consider a Falcon-A clock operating at a clock frequency of 2 MHz. Also assume that the subi and jnz instructions take 4 and 7 clock periods respectively to execute 65,535 times each, compute the execution time of the loop.

Note: Need to provide complete calculations along with necessary formula(s).

ET = CPI x IC x T = CPI x IC / f


CPI: clocks per instruction

IC=instruction count

T=Time period of the clock.

F=Frequency of the clock

ET=0.360 sec