CS501 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 16 Feb 2012

2 Marks

How can overflow occur in floating point?
What is Packet Switching?
Difference between Eagle and modified Eagle
Why we represent sometime some numbers in sign magnitude form.

3 Marks

What is 4-address instruction set and when it use?
Difference between virtual address and physical address
Why Transaction Lockaside Buffer is used? How it is implemented inside CPU?
What is sender overhead and receiver overhead in computer networks?

5 Marks

What is difference of instruction in machine with and without Pipeline?
Convert (0.23)10 to the base 2 address.

Consider a 4 way set-associative cache with 256KB capacity and 32 byte lines
a) How many sets are there in the cache?
b) How many bits of address are required to select a set in cache?

Find the average access time of a level of memory hierarchy if the hit rate is 80%. The memory access takes 12ns on a hit and 100ns on a miss.