CS501 VU Midterm Papers Spring May 2012

Which registers hold the instructions that is being executed?(2 Marks)

What do you understand by the machine exceptions?(2 Marks)

Write the structural RTL for the mov immediate instruction for the mov immediate instruction for uni-bus data path implementation Movi ra,c2 (3marks)

What is NOP instruction and its significance in pipelining? (3 Makrs)

Consider the following sequence of the instructions giving through the pipelined version of SRC
200:shl r6,r3,5
204:str r7,30
208:sub r2,r4,r5
2012:add r1,r2,r3
216:id r7,48

Idetify the hazards in these instructions. Also discuss how hazards be resolved (5 marks)

6.Write the structure RTL description for the uni-bus data path implementation Jump[ra+2] (5 Marks)