CS504 Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2018

Assignment #2    Total Marks=  20     Due Date:  29th May, 2018

“Doctor’s Hospital” is a famous hospital which is currently having semi- automated system for all Records Management. Manual system may cause several issues. That’s why, administration decided to automate. There are few requirements given below in bullet points.

  • Different doctors offer private consultancy in evening. For checkup, a visitor will call Receptionist or may visit hospital for appointment.
  • Visitor may query Doctor’s general information including timings. Receptionist will check doctor database/information and will inform him/her
  • In case of appointment request, Receptionist will create Patient profile (if new patient). Otherwise will update his/her existing record for new appointment details.
  • On scheduled day, Patient will visit doctor. Doctor’s assistant will check appointment details and will record patient’s history and other readings (including weight info, BP, symptoms details) and will forward to doctor.
  • Doctor will check updated information. After doing checkup, doctor will write a prescription. Accordingly he will make an entry of Prescription including medicines information and recommended tests.

The system generates billing reports like Hospital Service Charges, Test Charges etc. Main intention of this system is to keep record of all data of Doctors, Staff, Patient and Blood Bank and generate different reports. This will helps in managing Hospital activities in an easy, proper and efficient way.

By considering the above scenario you are required to Draw Object Model for “Hospital Record Management System”. UML Object Model should be comprehensive and must contain:

  • All possible objects Marks 5
  • Possible attributes for each object Marks 5
  • Operations of each object Marks 5
  • Relationship among different classes (objects) 5 Marks

Note: Draw Object Model containing objects, attributes, operations and relationship in a single diagram.