CS504 Assignment 3 Solution Feb 2015

The objective of this assignment is:
• To assess your overall understanding of Architectural Design Views. • To help you understand the Functional and Non-Functional Requirements. Note • This Assignment is a Graded Assignment. • The assignment should be in .doc format. Assignment in any format other than MS Word format will not be accepted. • Assignment submitted through email will not be accepted. • This assignment is covering Architectural Designs Lectures 23-26 • Recall the lectures delivered for Architectural Views and solve your assignment.
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Scenario Description :
In a very famous Option restaurant, they followed a specific system to speed up the preparation of meal.
The manager provides table to the customer either directly or by call reservations. Each table assigns a number plate when it is reserved. A device is place in the table. It has three functions i.e. Call, Take Order, Pay Bill. If we press Call button then manager comes to the assigned table to resolve any issue regarding seating.
If we press Take Order then waiter takes order in a Notebook (a list of dishes and drinks ordered by the diner or group of diners). Waiter must know that dishes that have been ordered are available or not. The system must confirm the availability of dishes. If the dish not available then waiter should ask to change the order. Dishes to be prepared are sent to the kitchen and drinks to the drink bar. Starters and main course orders are usually taken together. Drinks and desert orders may be taken separately.
If we press Pay Order then we can pay our bill as cash or by credit card to the waiter. The system also keeps track of the numbers of customers served by each waiter management can view these statistics. Kitchen staff sees the dish orders on their screen and then prepare them in a proper sequence and confirm preparation to the system when complete, similarly with the bar. The Restaurant is open for 24 hours to serve the customers, for this, the owner of the Restaurant wants that system should remain available all the time. Also, he has some concerns regarding payment transactions from customers using the system. When a waiter sees the completion indications on his terminal he collects the item and then serves to the related table number.
Note: Above is the scenario that you have gone through in assignment #2, where it was asked to provide “Functional Requirements of the system”. For assignment #3 we will use the same scenario to develop “ Architecture ” of the system. (Assignment has two pages)
Question: 1 10 Marks
Draw architecture of the functional requirements of the system (also known as Object/class diagram). This architecture is a “VIEW” for developers, designers and software engineers as well. In this architecture you should focus on functional parts (classes) of the system, identify and highlight the relationship among those parts.
Question: 2 10 Marks
For Non-Functional requirements like Availability, Security and Performance, what do you suggest to provide a “VIEW” to System Engineer/Quality Assurance Cell? In other words what are the justifications that your system should be secure, available all the time and good performance and how to achieve security, availability and performance (just give strong clue/points).hotel-management-system