CS504 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 10 Feb 2012

mostly MCQs were from first 22 lec and from inspection topic very very few mcqs from previous papers…….

1) write the two performance of static model of OOA?

2) Write about black box testing?

3) you have read many cod structures in the software engineering write and explain at least two cod structure?

4) write the symptoms and example of loop error?

5) What are the pre_conditios of inspection?

6) If you are a software engineer and you are provided with a analysis document then how you write the objects in the distinct classes?

7)some codes are given and questioned to write about their dangers?

8)A cod is given and asked what testing technique is applied to it?

9) Consider the following code fragment.

while a
while b
If you were to test this code, what would be the test technique to adopt?