CS504 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 12 Feb 2012

40 Mcq’s
Koi b Mcq past papers sy nai aaya.

2 Marks k 4 Questions
3 Marks k 4 Questions
5 Marks k 4 Questions

What is system debugging? 2 marks
Difference between Inspection vs testing. 3 marks
Three types of coverage. 3 marks.
Testing is a challenge are you agree? Define it. 3 marks
Explain testing objective on your point of view and which test is called successful test. 5 marks
Loops errors symptoms and its example. 5 marks
Ik code diye tha 5 marks ka osy correct kerna tha. Ye code Short circuiting k topic sy tha phli he example softcopy ka
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