CS504 Midterm Spring 2013 Papers 27 May

  • Classify krna tha dynamic and static diagrams k name given the.
  • Classes given thin association ,inhertitance and aggregation ka btana tha.
  • Opinion pocha tha sequence and collaboration diagram me se konsi better hai ?
  • Agr kisi object k attribute me aik object declare ho tu kia relationship ho gi?
  • Sequence diagram me destruction of object kis trha represent kiya jata hai ?
  • Coupling ko kaisy decrease kiya jaye?

Another Paper

mcqs are almost new

1:a code was given and ask to apply cohesion on code.(5)

2:draw a sequence diagram for criteria and criteria was if a student pass his first sem and now he want to select course for his 2nd sem .a seminar will arrange to decide that whether student is eligible for the course or not.(5)

3:cap is??(2)

a:tangible object

b:not a object

4:UML notations for a class???(3)

5:Notation for asynchronize msg synchronize msg and for destroy??/(3)