CS504 Software Engineering Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2014

Project Description:

“Intelligent aircraft system” must be a fast real time system, which includes various dimensions ranging from geographic localization towards target vision in any kind of situation e.g. Thunderstorm, Rain, Heavy, Clouds, Foggy Weather, Darkness of Night etc. The system is successful, if equipped with strong communication channel to its remote control tower and other peer aircrafts.

The aircraft can travel to long distance in minimum fuel consumption and in minimum time, so to avoid decision making due to time dilation. The intelligent system, if made equipped with supervised learning to fill the learning repository at such level, so that in 100th or 1000th iteration in terms of decision making involving dangerous turns over the hills or targeting blurred object, so that to get maximum chance of accuracy.

The transition from supervised learning mode towards unsupervised learning mode leads the aircraft system more functional in terms of independent decision making. The fuel, body, location, mileage, missile and weather are the primary attributes to consider. The aim of intelligent aircraft system is to reach to remote locations and took over the proceeding’s like war situation, flood situation, earthquake situation etc. According to the feeding or reactive element provided to the system.

Considering the scenario given above, you are required to answer the questions stated below:

Question No. 1 [5 Marks]

What are the business requirements of given “Intelligent Aircraft System? Your answer should not exceed more than three lines.

Question No. 2 [5 Marks]

List down the functional requirements of given “Intelligent Aircraft System”.

Question No. 3 [5 Marks]

List down the non-functional requirements of given “Intelligent Aircraft System”.