CS504 Software Engineering – I Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2013

Project Description:
“ABC” is a worldwide company whose branches are situated all over the world. “ABC” needs an online virtual drive for storage of its important data over the web so that data can be accessible at any branch. They face a lot of problems due to distributed data so they demand an online virtual drive that is web based application which can manage their data problems. Online Virtual Drive will be a Web based application that will help users to store their important data on an online virtual disk drive that will act as similar to our hard disk. All the directories and files would be viewed as similar as we are viewing them on our personal computer’s hard drive. There will be two types of users other than the administrator. Anonymous User and Registered User.
Online Virtual Drive application will have a user-friendly interface. It will fulfill all the user and business requirements of the ABC Company. It will also provide required reports efficiently to the management and will help them in decision making. Anonymous user can access to Help Section, Tell a Friend Section, FAQ Section, About Us Section, Feedback Section and Registration or Sign Up page.
An anonymous user will fill the whole Registration form and will submit it to the administrator. Administrator of the system will have the right to approve or disapprove the user. When Administrator will approve the space requested by Anonymous user and verify all the information provided by Anonymous user in his/her registration form then a confirmation email will be sent to that Anonymous user which will become Registered User. Registered User on approval by administrator first has to login, to use the various functionalities of the system. User can upload files, delete, move and copy/paste files in directories/folders on system. User can make as many directories on system till his/her quota of space is not exceeded.
Answer the following questions by considering the above scenario.
Question No. 1 4 Marks
What are the business requirements of given Online Virtual Drive System? Your answer should not exceed more than three lines.


we are going to develop online virtual drive application in which storage of important data by accessing at different places will be carried out. it will be web based application which will manage the data of the user. additionally it should be secure at the web. the virtual drive will be as like as physical hard drive and user can use it just like hard drive.

Question No. 2 8 Marks
List down the functional requirements of given Online Virtual Drive System.


funtional requrement

The register and non register can use this application

the Administrator has auth to select or reject the user which is going to request for login

after logging in the user/reg user can update,delete,move,and so many option adopt
Question No. 3 8 Marks
List down the non-functional requirements of given Online Virtual Drive System.


Following are the Non funtional requirements:

  • it is window based
  • it is user friendly
  • it can handle many users at a time.
  • it needs a web connection to view the virtual drive
  • the security grading is high so that unwanted user can not access the drive