CS504 Software Engineering – I Assignment 3 Solution Fall 2012


This assignment is covering Software Engineering Lectures 12-16. Recall the lectures delivered for Object oriented design and modeling, analyze the provided description and solve your assignment.
Previously you were asked to develop use-case diagram and context diagram for online budgeting control system. Now you are required to develop UML OBJECT MODEL of online budgeting control system. Project description is again provided for your ease.
Project Description:
Existing budgeting system of an XYZ university is mostly based on paper work. To get rid of file work, university wants to change its budget control system to a web based application.
Purpose of this web based online budgeting control application is to provide an electronic environment for fast processing of university budget related tasks.
With online budgeting control system, management will be able to add more departments and even more sections within the departments. Concerned people ofdifferent departments will be able to check that how much budget is consumed in different sections like stationary section, furniture section etc. Developed system will show which section is underflow and which is overflow in terms of finance. This software will also track that how much indent (expense) requests are in a pipe line and how muchestimated cost is required for these. Online budgeting control system will have a user-friendly interface. It will fulfill all the user and business requirements of the Budget Allocation & Control staff. It will also provide required documents (reports etc) efficiently, provide the information to management and will help them in decision making.

The OBCS consist of following modules:

1. Budget Submission/Allocation Module

This module will be responsible for gathering annual budget requests from all the departments and finalizing the budget. It will be used by the head of different departments to request for the budget allocation.

2. Indent Processing Module

This module will be responsible for the processing the indentrequests raised by different department during a financial year. After finalizing the annual budget, the department will request through the indent form for purchasingany item. Each request will be automatically forwarded towards the budget control manager of financial department.

3. Budget Control Module

Using this module, the user will be able to control the budget which is allocated and finalized between all departments. It will be controlled by financial department to process indent requests. Budget control manager of financial department will accept or reject the requests from any department for some valid reason.

4. Administrative Module

This module is for system administrator only. This module will allow the administrator to administer the different aspects of the system such as maintaining the record of users and departments, database backup etc.

Considering the above description,

Question 1) You are required to draw UML object model for Onlin. UML object diagram should be comprehensive and must contain:
1. All possible objects
2. Possible attributes for each object
3. Operations of each object
4. Relationships among different objects (Generalization/Specialization, Aggregation,  Association etc)

Idea Solution:

Use Case Diagram Example: