CS504 Software Engineering – I Assignment 5 Solution Fall 2012

Description: Consider the online budgeting control system again, this time you are required to draw a deployment diagram for the scenario given below: Architecture of online budgeting control system consists of four tiers of servers; The clients using browsers on their PC will connect to web server. They may use any of the HTTP or FTP protocols for their requests. Instead of directly connecting with database, the web server will invoke the services deployed on an application server to fulfill client’s requests. We assume that both the web server and application server are deployed on a single mainframe and connected through any Message oriented middleware (MOM) mechanism. The application server, using database connectivity protocol (e.g. JDBC or ODBC), interfaces with database server to send/receive data. Question: 1. Given the above scenario, you are now required to draw deployment diagram for the above system. (Although UML is recommended, you can use any symbol/notation for drawing deployment diagram.) 2. You are also required to explain the purpose/use of all components of deployment diagram. (Explanation of each component should not be more than three lines).Solution: A deployment diagram in the Unified Modeling Language models thephysical deployment of artifacts on nodes.[1] To describe a web site, for example, a deployment diagram would show what hardware components (“nodes”) exist (e.g., a web server, an application server, and a database server), what software components (“artifacts”) run on each node (e.g., web application, database), and how the different pieces are connected (e.g. JDBC, REST, RMI). The nodes appear as boxes, and the artifacts allocated to each node appear as rectangles within the boxes. Nodes may have subnodes, which appear as nested boxes. A single node in a deployment diagram may conceptually represent multiple physical nodes, such as a cluster of database servers. There are two types of Nodes . Device Node Execution Environment

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Node Device nodes are physically computing resources with processing memory and services to execute software, such as typical computer or mobile phones. EEN node is software computing resource that runs within an outer node and which itself provides a service to host and execute other executable software elements.