CS504 VU Assignment No. 2 Spring 2012 Solution

Advance HealthCare is a medicine manufacturer company which manufactures medicines and sells to its customers. Advance HealthCare wants to develop an online system which will facilitate to manage the routine tasks of medicine sales and will convert the manual working in a computerized system. The system is meant to manage almost every aspect of the medicine sale system such as maintaining the stock record of the medicine, suppliers/companies accounts, purchase record, customer (patient) record, sales invoice generation, employees’ record etc. This system will maintain all the sales of medicines to customer and purchase from supplier. The medicine stock will be managed along with their batch numbers, expiry date, rate and quantity. When the medicine is purchased, and record is entered, the stock record will be updated immediately.
Question 1).Draw a use case model for Healthcare Sales Management System by keeping in mind the responsibilities of Manager and Accountant identified in assignment no. 1.

use case diagram health care management

 Question 2) Draw a Data flow Diagram for Healthcare Sales Management system.