CS506 Assignment 3 Solution Spring 2017

You are required to develop an HTML page using Microsoft Notepad that will work as a client to interact with Java Servlet. The HTML page should consist of “Patient Admit Card” containing basic HTML controls for taking information about Patient. The sample is as follows;

One Server side, you need to write Java Servlet named as “PatientServlet” which will dynamically respond to previously developed HTML form. Your servlet should check all HTML controls (i.e. text fields, radio buttons etc.) for non-empty values. In case when user has supplied all inputs, the servlet should display a response message back to user like; Congrats Patient Admitted Successfully! Thanks Mr. Muhammad Imran (where Muhammad Imran is the name of patient)

Note: You need to install, configure, environment setup and test following softwares on your computer;

1. Java SE (including JDK 8)

2. Apache Tomcat Web Server 9.0 OR Java Servlet Libraries (servlet-api.jar and jspapi.jar) You are required to submit both HTML form and “PatientServlet.java” files. You can zip both files together and upload on VULMS.


 To build knowledge about how to develop basic dynamic web application in Java EE

 To write first Servlet in Java and communicate with Client using HTTP

 Install, configure and use Apache Tomcat Server for Java Web Application( For any query about the assignment, contact at CS506@vu.edu.pk )