CS506 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 10 Feb 2012

1)what is the difference between Java casting and beans?(5)
2)write again servlet <% MyBean= m MyBean ();%)(2) 3)is java code is slower then native code?briefly explain. (3) 4)Write three custom tags?(3) 5)why we use expansion language?(2) 6)what are the two dispatcher and how it used?(3) 7)how this() and store() method used with constructor(2) 8) What is difference between the getRequest Dispatcher(String path) method of javax.sevlet.ServletRequest interface and javax.servlet.servletContext interface.(5) 9) What invokes a thread’s run() method?( 2) 10)what are the five operators for the Expression language(3) 11)write the two chracterisitics of expressional language?(3) Another Paper: 2 marks Q1. What is the formate in which the source code of Java converted after compilation? Q2. How many types of comments are used in JSP? Q3. How to track a user session in Servlet? Q4 Write briefly two charaterstics of Expression Language? Q4. Why yield ?() method used? 3Marks Q1. Which method is used to read an object through serialization? Q2. Explain your words that how Java bean is intended for use in some type of building tool? Q3. What are expression language Nuggets? Q4. What are the benefits of using Pakages? Explain. Q5. What is the puposes of wait (), notify, notify all() methods? 5 Marks Q1 Types of layers? Briefly explain each. Q2: What is expresion in JSP? Give an example Q3: Why tracking is necessary ?