CS506 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 12 Feb 2012

total questions were 53…
40 MCQs:
write the lifecycle of servlet?
what is servlet context mean?
what is meant by hidden coment?
kisi service ki three types btani then ab yad ni hain
what is meant by wait() or 2 aisay he puchay thay yad ni? 5 marks
what is validator? write types of built in validator? 5 marks
one question was from JSP environment? 5marks

Another Paper:

1.What is the advantages of jsp over PHP? 2m
2.For what purpose c:remove tag is used.2 mks
3.what are implicit objects?? list any two.2m
4.Garbage collection.2m
5.in which situation expresion language can be used.2m
1.Differentiate between Sequential Execution and multithreading. 3 mks
2.Expression language nuggets.3m
3.Name three stages of servlet life cycle. M3
1.What are packages? and how they are organized? 5
2. What is the difference between custom tags and javabeans? (5marks)