CS506 VU Midterm Papers Spring May 2012

What type of variable is reqiured when you donot want to access data if you you using serialization and why? 3 marks

what is difference between Updater and UpdateRow() . 2 marks

what are paint startgy .3 marks

Steps of JDBC. 5 marks

named Vs anonomous 5 marks

Another Paper:

CS605 VU Midterm Current Papers Spring 2012 of Virtual University of Pakistan [May 2012]

Q1 basline data : 2marks
Q2 project projection: 2 marks
Q3 risk assessing question: 3 marks
Q4 How design of a software is measured quantitatively: 3 marks
Q5 technical risk sy related the bht lamba : 5 marks
Q6 factors other then usabilty: 5 marks