CS506 Web Design and Development Assignment 3 Solution Fall 2013

The Product Catalogue Management System (PCMS) is used to maintain and displays products in a structured and consistent way. You can manage all product information, prices, characteristics and quantity etc. ProductCatalogue Management System for ABC Company will provide the Basic functionalities like admin login, adding product, viewing products and deletion of particular products.

As we have already practiced desktop based application for the PCMS. Now it is intended to provide you some practical exercise on web based application.

In this assignment we are going to develop a web based application for the Product Catalogue Management System.

Solution Guideline:

  1. First of all set the directory structure for Apache tomcat
  2. You have to create “Index.html” which asks user to provide login information like User Name: admin and Password like “admin123”. It leads you to the page named “manageProduct.html” or toerrorPage.html based on value entered.
  3. If you provide incorrect values, it will lead you to the “errorPage.html” page and in case of correct entered values it will leads you to the “manageProduct.html” page.
  4. “manageProduct.html” page contains 3 links i.e. Home, View Products, Add Product.
  5. Then create “viewProducts.html” and “addProduct.html” file.
  6. After the creation of html files you are required to write Java servlet code.
  7. In java servlet code you have to write the java code that reads entered data from the “form” and save it in database tables.
  8. Login Information form data will be saved in “admin” table and Product information will be stored in“product” table of “ProductDb” database respectively.
  9. Only use the template database provided with the assignment file and use data source name“productDSN” only. Make sure that there will be no modification in the database table or fields name.


Following Directory structure for Apache tomcat will be used:


  • Place all the .java files in “Java files” folder.
  • Place all the “.class files” in “classes” folder; which is sub folder of WEB-INF folder
  • Develop the layout of website in html (as show in sample output)
  • Your Apache tomcat must be installed in Drive C as a root folder
  • Use Notepad or Notepad++ for coding
  • Tomcat installation guidelines kindly consult handouts and lectures
  • Snapshots of the desired solution are given in the following pages


Sample Output:

Step – 1:

 When user visit the main page:

Step – 2:

 When user enter wrong values and click on Submit button:

Step – 3:

 When user enter correct user name and password and click on Submit button:

Step – 4:

When user click on View Product link

Step – 5:

When user click on Add Product link

Step – 6:

After filling the form, when user click on “submit” button then all the entered values in the form will be saved in “product” table of “productDb” database.  And database table looks like: