CS506 Web Design and Development Assignment 4 Solution Fall 2013

The Product Catalogue Management System (PCMS) is used to maintain and displays products in a structured and consistent way. You can manage all product information, prices, characteristics and quantity etc. Product Catalogue Management System for Asif Group of Companies will provide the Basic functionalities like admin login, adding product, viewing products and deletion of particular products.

As in the previous assignment you have developed a web based application for the Product Catalogue Management system using java Servlet. In this assignment we are going to give practice on java web based application using Java Server Pages (JSP) technology.

In this assignment we are going to develop a web based application for the Product Catalogue Management system for Asif Group of Companies.

Solution Guideline

  1. You have to create “index.jsp” and “manageProduct.jsp”.
  2. “manageProduct.jsp” contains 4 links i.e. Home, View Product, Add Product and Delete Product.
  3. Then create “viewProduct.jsp”“addProduct.jsp” and  “deleteProduct.jsp” file
  4. “viewProduct.jsp“addProduct.jsp” and “deleteProduct.jsp” pages are used to retrieve all products information, insert new product(s) and delete particular product(s) from the “product” table of the database respectively.
  5. After the creation of jsp files you are required to write Java Server Pages (JSP) code for the pages mentioned in the point 3 and 4.
  6. Only use the template database provided with the assignment file. Make sure that there will be no modification in the database table or fields name.
  7. Use only “productDSN” as a system Data Source Name (DSN).