CS506 Web Design and Development Final Paper March 2014

Q:Why thread is called light weight? (2)

Q: syntax of El language . (2)

Q: why JSp support run time exception handling? (2)

Q: cookies ka code write krna tha (2)

Q: EJBs and JSp in which servers they run?(3)

Q: what will emapct on java bean object is produce when it is stored in servlet request object?? (3)

Q: aik statement thi osy language me write krna tha (3)

Q: what happen when join() method is called in thread. (3)

Q: aik code write krna tha k client ki request jo hai wo repeat visiter hai. complete nahi likhna tha just repeat visitor ka  (5)

Q: different steps to write code thread creation interface .(5)

Q: explain literals of EL.  (5)

Q: write the name of JSP scopes in EL. what happen if these scopes will mis. (5)