CS507 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2018


A system is a group of elements that are integrated with the common purpose of achieving certain objectives. Every system consists of basic components which formulates certain systems. Consider the example of an air conditioner that also belongs to some type of system.

An air conditioner has turned on in a room. Thermostat helps to detect the current room temperature. Thermostat is providing the basic input to the cooling system of the air conditioner. Internal cooling system of the air conditioner is controlling its operations in order to set the room temperature.  Now, thermostat keeps the room temperature at a fixed constant temperature after providing a certain feedback from indoor.

Keeping in view the above examples, you have to answer the following questions:

Question no 1. Identify above given example belongs to which type of system? You have to give appropriate reasons to support your answer. (Marks 5)

Question no 2. Why your suggested system is better than other in terms of functionality?

(Marks 10)