CS507 Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2018


KFC has launched a loyalty mobile app to facilitate their customers to place orders. The detail of the steps is given below.

  • Any customer can download the mobile app and provide his/her personal information such as name, gender, date of birth, address, and contact number.
  • A customer, who has birthday, can purchase promotional deals.
  • Customers select their orders and add them to the shopping cart.
  • A customer can select his/her order(s) and adds them to the shopping cart.
  • Customer then checkouts from the shopping cart and select the mode of payment (cash on delivery).
  • The KFC mobile app saves all the records of the every customer who place orders for future promotion and deal.

Question No 1: After reading the above scenario, you have to suggest suitable dimension of MKIS with solid reasons (Marks 5) 

Question No 2: Write down the key tasks of your suggested dimension for KFC mobile app. (Marks 5)

Question No 3: What are the expected issues of your suggested dimension in case of KFC mobile app? (Marks 5)