CS507 Assignment No 4 Spring 2012 solution

Question 1: (5 Marks)


Consider an educational institute is going to develop online admission system for its students. According to Object Oriented Analysis and Design, you have to suggest attributes and methods for the objects (Student and Course) keeping the above scenario in mind.




Student and Course


Academic Requirements, hold a diploma, age, fee, maximum hours for course, physical and online timing, course taken time  in the Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer sessions etc.


Providing Information about qualified and disqualified, fee refundable or non refundable, registration process,

Providing links about the educational institute like Email, phone etc.

 Question 2: (5 Marks)

Suppose an IT company is launching its main office in Islamabad and regional offices in other cities of Pakistan. It is the requirement of the company to connect all of its offices to share data/information. As an I.T consultant you have to suggest that which of the computing environment either distributed or centralized will serve better for this company? Support your answer with logical arguments.

Solution: As an IT consultant I have suggest that Distributed Computing environment will serve better for this company. Distributed Computing (DC) This is the more widely used computing configuration, because it has grown out of what most users  and many IT people were used to, within the comfort zone of their home PCs.  As a result, there has been extensive development of many business practices, systems and security products to help the distributed system fully function in a business environment. This environment is an ad-hoc network that is generally grown from a small group of independent computers that need to share files, resources such as printers and network/internet connections.  These have allowed small business to improve some forms of productivity. Each user has control of their own equipment, to a reasonable degree. Each user can add their own programs at their own leisure.  Sometimes cheaper up front capital cost