CS507 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 14 Feb 2012

In order to justify the product design, which two approaches can be followed? (2 marks)

“Exception report can also be prepared from audit logs”. In this statement, what does Exception report mean and what does it contain? (2 marks)

Consider a situation where unauthorized changes are made to system accidently or deliberately, then what kind of threat has occurred and why? (2 marks)

From the given below statements recognize types of intrusion occurs in a system

Intruder can enter an organization physically to steal information system assets.
Intruder is trying to have an unauthorized access to the system (2 marks)
What is the role of ERP in E-commerce? (2 marks)

What are the applications of incremental model? (3 marks)

Explain the main reasons for using distributed system? (3 marks)

Zara creates her account at gmail.com. She login her account, check her mails. Then she reset her passwords to keep her account secure from hackers. How can she make password more secure? (3 marks)

Ibrahim textile mill is going to launch an information system to interconnect its entire departments. The mill owner wants the implementation of Information System immediately. It is very difficult for developer team to make such information system in a very short time. As an I.T consultant what will you suggest to resolve this issue? (3 marks)

Can we classify disaster with respect to its categories? If yes, then write down the classification. (3 marks)

How will you incorporate SDLC in risk management? Also identify phases of Risk Management? (5 marks)

A management consulting firm specializing in change management processes such as launching new businesses, completing mergers, and doing internal reorganizations. The firm needed to automate their business processes. In addition, the company needed new functionality such as the ability to build client activity sequences and hierarchies, capture and update the status of change management events, disseminate change activity information by viewing, printing, summarizing, and building presentations. How can you fulfill its requirement change? (5 marks)

Suzuki motors has its own website. All of their brand details are available. Now they have launched a new brand of car, they have organized all the data related to their brand and finally drawn out a report. How is report preparation beneficial? (5 marks)