CS507 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012

Total 53
40 mcqs
13 short questions

41. What are the major milestones of waterfall model? 2 marks
42. How do active monitors work against viruses?2 marks
43. Assuming a risk determination process, what can be the inputs to that process?2 marks
44. Identify the following as E-Commerce or E-Business;Online placement of order. Creating a map with directions from your home to your campus on google maps. 2 marks
45. Security policy is a critical document which should be designed to include almost all aspects of security issues. How can security policies be devised?2 marks

46. Suppose there is a school XYZ. Where the principal/owner of the school makes all the decisions and the teachers are forced to do exactly as required. Which kind of management style is being used in XYZ School? Give reasons. 3 marks

47. Why is super class mechanism used in object-oriented programming? 3 marks

48. There are three types of IDS signature based, statistical based and neural networks.Which combination provides better protection against network intrusion? Also give reason to support your answer.
a. Only Signature based IDS
b. Statistical based IDS with signature based IDS
iii Statistical based IDS with neural networks IDS. 3 marks

49. What are the steps and their order in E-Commerce order fulfilment? 3 marks

50. Ali installed new windows operating system. He installed all the necessary drivers and antivirus too. Now he wants that his system shall remain secure from the viruses. What will be the technical actions should he follow to reduce the risk of viruses? 3 marks

51. A construction and repair company supplying services to clients in the energy industry faced a huge challenge: in order to retain the business of one of its major clients, the company had to develop an active, thorough and effective ethics compliance program, and meet a very aggressive deadline.What factors should be focused for the development of program?5 marks

52. “Disaster recovery planning is a subset of business continuity planning”, is this statement true? Support your answer by giving valid reasons. 5 marks

53. XYZ organization uses biometrics for the purpose of attendance. Every person has to scan his/her eyes for attendance marking. What type of biometric are they using and why? 5 marks