CS507 Information System Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2013

Q No.1 Suppose a person is running a Pharmaceutical company as an owner. His younger brother and two sons are working with him as the Manager, Finance In-charge and Sales In-charge of the company respectively. By analyzing the structure of this organization, you are required to identify the type of this organization with respect to size. Also mention four main characteristics of this type of organization.                                                                                                            [5 Marks]

 Solution: As family members are involved in such type of organization so this is a medium sized organization.  Medium Sized organizations are normally a family ownership run by brothers , fathers-son. There are many organizations existing these days which are run by the family. The prime concern may be the trust already fostered among the blood relations but this might give rise to informal relationship among them. Since all critical managerial positions are usually controlled by the family members.

Q No.2 Suppose a developer has used the following sources of information to develop a Computer Based Information System for a private organization. You are required to mention the type as “Internal” or “External” source of information from the given list of sources.      [5 Marks]

S. No Information Sources Type of Source(Internal  / External
1 Payroll Record  Internal
2 Government Publications  External
3 Database of Employees  Internal
4 Annual Production Statistics of the organization  Internal
5 Newspaper Advertisements  External