CS507 Information Systems Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2014

Question No 1: Marks: 10
Different management styles work in different situations. What management style matches if as a leader
1. Tell others what to do
2. Gather others feedback before deciding
3. Influence others to do things your way
4. Make sure the majority rules
5. Make your own decisions
6. Suggest a decision to others
7. Ask the employees to obey orders without explanations
8. Rely on your own judgment
9. Ask others to brainstorm choices
10. As a CEO does not consult employees for input

1. Authoritative 2. Mixed  3. Authoritative

4. Participative  5. Authoritative  6. Mixed

7. Authoritative  8. Authoritative  9. Participative   10. Authoritative

Question No 2: Marks: 5 (2+3).
Identify whether “social media” is an internal source of information or external source of information for making business decisions and briefly explain the impact of social media in decision making process. Your answer should not exceed 100 words.

• Professionals have a tendency to belong to multiple social networks for business or WAV/Wb:Viftti a4*. sa119/Stsn

• Skilled networks area unit associate progressive y essent ecision-suppo too

• High levels of trust exist in data obtained from on-line networks.

• Changes area unit going down in organizations’ internal and external use of social media