CS507 Information Systems Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2017

Question No. 01                                                                                                                        20 Marks

In this course you have studied about the few concepts of the Information systems and its various terms such as Need for Information, Need for Organization, Size of the Organization and Information Requirements, Organizational Structure Pyramid/Tall/Hierarchical, Effect of Changes in Environment, Components of a System, Strategic Planning for Information Resources, Information Architecture and Support Systems. Hopefully, now you have a better understanding about these concepts. Now, You have to explore these concepts practically and perform various tasks that are given below.


  • Your task is to visit any nearby Shop, Union Council, Industry, Medical Store or any Public/Private organization and understand its information flow, various components and their relationships. Try to establish your understanding keeping in view the above highlighted (bold format) concepts of information system.
  • Your second task is to relate your real time observation with the above highlighted (bold format) concepts of information system.
  • Your third task is to write up “relationship”
  • Your next task is to answer the questions available on Google Form, whose link is given below.
  • Go to this link:
  • At the end provide the same solution (which you provided on Google Form) on LMS along with a short summary of 150 words only on VULMS.
  • You have to write up in summary that what you have analysis about Information system of the any organization where you have visited, its effectiveness and any problem you have found.