CS507 Information Systems Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2013

Q#1: The following table contains different types of “Information Sources”.


Sr. No Sources of Information
1 Research papers
2 Description of trip
3 Analyses of social policy
4 Interviews
5 Abstracts
6 Historical criticism
7 Statistics
8 Personal narratives
9 Political analyses
10 Questionnaire

You are required to write each of them against its correct category in the following table.  [10 Marks, 1 mark for each]  


Primary Sources Secondary Sources Tertiary Sources
 Questionnaire  Political analyses  Research papers
 Personal narratives  Abstracts  Statistics
 Interviews  Analyses of social policy  Historical criticism
 Description of trip



Q#2: A representation of the structure of an organization is given below: You are required to name the structure (Flat, Tall or Hieratical) with three valid reasons to justify your choice.  

[5 Marks]   



Following diagram gives a sample visual preview of how a Tall Organisation Structure looks like. Click on following image for a zoomed or enlarged view.

Tall Organisation

squareAdvantages of Tall Organisation


Advantages / Merits / Benefits of Tall Organisation are :-

  1. The quality of performance will improve due to close supervision.
  2. Discipline will improve.
  3. Superior – Subordinate relations will improve.
  4. Control and Supervision will become easy and convenient.
  5. The manager gets more time to plan and organise the future activities.
  6. The efforts of subordinates can be easily coordinated.
  7. Tall Organisation encourages development of staff.
  8. There is mutual trust between superior and subordinates.