CS507 Information Systems Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2014

Assignment Scenario: Marks: 10(2+2+6)

Jasmine Collection is a large scale Textile Company and trading mainly in Pakistan with little or no foreign turnaround. This company has different departments like Production, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Stock, Sales, Quality control and many more. There are many branches of this company throughout the country and a lot of employees are working in each department. Due to its increasing popularity, the company is expanding rapidly and new branches are being opened across the country. To meet the changing needs of company, computer based information system has been deployed to deal with the information in each department.
All important decisions regarding the growth of company are made at head office by higher authorities. These decisions are then implemented as rules to be followed in all branches to ensure smooth operations. Operations being performed by different departments include Wages management, Budgeting, Generating annual reports, Keeping records of all the transactions, Planning & developing strategies to increase the company finance, and Tackling the financial problems by analyzing & choosing proper solutions accordingly.
As a student of Management Information Systems, you are now required to analyze the above scenario and answer the following questions using your subject knowledge.
Question 1: Which type of decisions are being taken in this organization; structured, unstructured or semi-structured?

Solution: structured decision
Question 2: Which organizational model for decision making is being implemented in the organization?
Solution: Political model

Question 3: Identify the different types of Information Systems from the above scenario and write them in their corresponding columns.

Transaction Processing System Management Information System Office Automation System Decision Support System Executive Support System Knowledge Support System
Keeping records of all the transactions Generating annual reports Wages management Planning & developing strategies to increase the company finance Budgeting Tackling the financial problems by analyzing & choosing proper solutions accordingly.