CS507 Information Systems Assignment 3 Solution Fall 2013

The given Flow Chart is the graphical representation for the functionality of an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) situated in a Bank.

The Functionality of ATM is given below:

  1. Machine first displays a message “Welcome! Please enter the PIN code”.
  2. It checks, whether the entered PIN code is valid or not?
  3. In case, if the PIN code is valid, machine further asks for entering desired amount in range from “500 to 25000”. If PIN code is invalid, it displays a message “Invalid code, Try again” and then again navigates the user to the welcome screen. (Step1).
  4. On Valid PIN Code, when the user enters the required amount, it checks, whether the amount is valid or not? If the amount is invalid then machine displays a message “An Error Occurred, Try Again” and navigates the user to the amount entering screen (Step 3).
  5. If the amount is valid, it checks if the sufficient balance is available in the user account or not?
  6. If there is sufficient balance available then transaction does occur and the machine displays a message “Transaction is Successful” and exits otherwise it displays a message “An Error Occurred, Try Again” and again navigates the user to amount entering screen (Step 3).

After analyzing the given flow chart, a system analyst found some problems in the flow chart and observed that some incorrect symbols have been used in the representation of various steps. You are required to mention the symbol numbers which have been used incorrectly and suggest the correct symbols which should be used against the incorrect symbols in the following table.

Note: No need to draw new flow chart with correct symbols, you are required to only fill the following table.                                                                      [10 Marks]

Symbol Number Correct Symbol Name(Rectangle, Oval etc)