CS507 Information Systems Assignment 3 Solution Spring 2013

Q No.1 Suppose an orthopedic hospital wants to develop a special computer based system for the diagnosis of disease according to the symptoms of disease in patient.

You are required to identify the most suitable type of computer based system for the given scenario. Also list its four major components.                                                                                       [10 Marks]

KSS / IS (Expert System). 4 components are :

1.User Interface,

2.Knowledge Base,

3.Inference Engine and

4.Development Engine.


Q No. 2 Marketing managers of different companies often need to make an analysis of large amounts of data / information stored in database for getting trends of sale purchase etc, for making marketing strategies for their products. You are required to identify the specific procedure / technique along with its three main steps that can help managers for this purpose.           [5 Marks]


Marketing Information Systems (MKIS)
MKIS is a type of Information System that helps the firm to achieve following objectives:
o Identification of customers for firm‘s products and services.
o Development of those products and services to meet customers’ needs
o Promotion of the products and services, and
o Provision of after sale customer support
Types of Marketing Information
Every information system is designed to capture some sort of information. Information requirements need
to be defined before the systems are made. While designing marketing information system, following types
of information should be designed.
Marketing Information System
Manufacturing Information System
Financial Information System
Human Resource Information System
Marketing Department/Function
Manufacturing Department/Function
Finance Department/Function
HR Department/Function
Information Resource Information System IR/IT Department/Function

• Marketing Intelligence – information flowing from environment into the environment
• Internal Information – gathered within the firm
• Marketing Communication – Info flowing from firm to external environment
An MKIS help in proper management and dissemination of all three kinds of information.
12.3 Benefits of Marketing IS
MKIS helps organizations in efficient channel management. Following can be identified as some of the
benefits of MKIS.
1. Customer profiles need to be maintained focusing on their habits and spending patterns. MKIS
helps in maintaining these profiles.
2. Information on what competitors have been upto is also a critical marketing information. This
should not be taken as espionage on competitors.
3. Forecasts of demand is also a critical part of marketing analysis. MKIS helps in achieving this as
4. Field sales can also be monitored where sales agents are used to market products.
5. Customers can be quickly updated based on their information kept in MKIS.
6. Dealers involved in sale of product can also be monitored to help enhance revenue.s
12.4 Management Levels in MKIS
MKIS should cater for information requirements at each level, for instance
Strategic Level
1. Formulation of new sales products, and identifying new sales opportunities.
2. Planning support for new products and services
3. Monitoring competitors
Knowledge Level
1. Market analysis based on demographics and customer behaviour
Management level
1. Sales performance analysis is required to monitor how to enhance sales and address related issues.
2. Sales staff analysis is important to see how much of the sales portion has been contributed by each
of the employees.
Operational Level
1. Taking comments from customers for measuring satisfaction is a responsibility of the managerial
2. Tracking sales, processing orders and customer suppor