CS507 Information Systems Assignment 4 Solution Spring 2014

Question No.1 2.5+2.5

Access Controls are implemented in any organization to increase the security. Type of access control vary according to situation and level of security needed. Two situations are given below and you have to identify the type of access control applied in each one of them.

A) An organization wants each individual to provide some kind of distinctive physical characteristics to prove its identity. Without identification he/she will not be allowed to access different assets. (Physical + Logical)
B) An organization is dealing with very critical information and it does not want its data to be disclosed to anyone especially during transmission. To avoid any exposure to intruders, organization wants to convert its data into secret code for the secure transmission over the public network.
Question No. 2

Different types of Computing Environments are used in different situations according to the requirements. Suppose a company wants high computing power and security along with flexibility, scalability and fault tolerance. For this purpose the company has deployed many computer systems at different locations and to do parallel computing. In your point of view, which computing environment will be suitable in this set-up?
Question No. 3

Which parts of a computer system are most vulnerable when it is attacked by some virus? Write names of at least four (4) parts.