CS507 Information Systems Final paper 23 February 2013

Total Questions: 52

Total Marks: 80

Total MCQs: 40 (Each of 1 Mark)

Total Short Questions: 4 (Each of 2 Mark)

Total Short Questions: 4 (Each of 3 Mark)

Total Long Questions: 4 (Each of 5 Mark)  

1.      Compare physical access of intrusion with logical access of intrusion?       (2)

2.      What aspects are necessary to be covered when property issue for privacy is death with?   (2)
3.      What is baseline? Do they hold an important part in system development life cycle??? Describe the baseline considered in SDLC???            (2)
4.      Spiral model is an interactive approach to system development. What does interactive mean in this statement???        (2)
5.      “Control Mechanism” is a component of the system Describe its Functionality??     (3)
6.      What are the basic steps involved in information system Audit??       (3)
7.      Ibrahim Ind. has been manufacturing sports product since 1969.Now they want to their business to E-Commerce. What key benefits they can get through E-Commerce??  (3)
8.      Identifying the types of threats from the given damages caused                                  a- Caused damage to software and date.                                                                   b- Caused damage to physical infrastructure.                  (3)
9.      Differentiate MIS from DSS                   (5)
10.  Control analysis is implemented by the organization to minimize the likelihood of occurrence of threat. Explain all the factors that exist in likelihood of occurrence of threat.            (5)
11.  Disaster recovery planning is a subset of business continuity planning” is this statement true?? Support your answer by giving valid reason.      (5)

Another Paper:

Out of 40 Mcqs approximate 30 mcqs were new.
7 mcqs were from Suply Chain and Threats.

Diff b/w Project life cycle and software life cycle ( 2 marks)
Diff b/w IDS and firewalls ( 2 marks)
identify and define two types of acctive attack (2 marks)
Decision making Process (3 Marks)
Suply Chain Management Future Challenges (5 marks)
If a company have head office in lahore and rigional offices in other ctities. they have need to share information. what kind of computing you advise. (5 marks)
Different kinds of suply chain ( 5 marks)
List atleast five elements to for a Successful business ( 5 marks)
one from controls
one from impact analysis