CS507 VU Assignment No 2 Spring 2012 Solution

Consider a garment manufacturing company is newly launched and wants to introduce IT infrastructure in the organization. Suggest what IT infrastructure will be required for the company to fulfill its requirements.


Building a ‘world-class’ infrastructure ALWAYS starts with the organization structure. Below are recommended organization structures designed for small, medium, and large infrastructure development and support organizations. No one structure is correct; however, it is crucial that key functions be structured to address the people and process issues. These structures are designed to address the people and process issues first with technology being secondary. I’m not saying technology isn’t important but let’s be blunt here based on the 100 plus assessments I’ve performed infrastructures are in horrible shape because of the lack of attention to these non-technology related issues. For Infrastructure organizations to become successful and cost effective service providers the focus needs to be Organization, People, Process, and Technology in that order.

As I designed these organization structures I included first-, second-, and third-level support roles for each of the areas. I highlight this in the organization charts below because it’s one of the most critical functions that was abandoned as IT organizations transitioned to client/server. It happens to be one of the biggest reasons RAS doesn’t exist in 95% of the IT shops I have visited

Organization structure #1 below is designed for IT infrastructure development and support organizations with fewer than 50 employees. The reasons I designed the structure in this manner are:

  • Production Control is at the enterprise level for process design, ownership, and accountability. In every small (.com or emerging e-commerce) company I visited priority is always technology, technology,technology. I included a Production Control function to focus on processes and production QA. Although this is a small shop it’s never to early to start focusing on processes. I’m not trying to change that priority after all it’s what IT is all about-providing Information Technology. We’re asking you to think about process. Once the technology is implemented without the processes high availability for that technology is unrealistic.
  • Mission critical (Data Center) functions are separated from non-mission critical functions (Desktop, Help Desk).
  • Level 1, 2, and 3, technical staff for the mission critical production environment is grouped under the

same organization to effectively breed future technical resources. All IT organizations have a shortage of technical resources but more so in smaller IT shops.

Organization Structure #1 (for smaller IT organizations)