CS507 VU Assignment No 3 Spring 2012 Solution


Question 1: (10 Marks)

Draw a flow chart to illustrate the following functionality of Temperature analyzer in Air conditioner.

Functionality to illustrate in Flow Chart

  • Input the Temperature
  • If temperature is below 26 degrees then print the message “It is not very hot” and after displaying this message turn off the compressor.
  • If temperature is above 26 degrees then print the message “It is Hot” and after displaying this message turn on the compressor.

Question 2: (10 Marks)

Consider a super store having several branches and each branch having registered customers. Draw an Entity Relationship Diagram to show primary relationship between registered customers and branch of the super store.

Following are the attributes of customer and branch of super store.


Attributes of Registered Customer Attributes of Branch of super store
CustomerID (This is Primary Key attribute) BranchID (This is Primary Key attribute)
Name Location
Gender Number of Customers (This is derived attribute)
Join Date Start Date
Phone (This is multi valued attribute)