CS507 VU Midterm Papers Spring May 2012

Difference b/w MIS & DSS? 5marks
Differentiate between Incremental and iterative models with the help of example each?5marks
What are the challenges faced by Call centre?2marks
Why should we use knowledge management ? 3 marks
i 4got two questions….! sorry
total marks 40
2questions of 2 numbers
2questions of 3 //
2questions of 5 //

CS507 VU Midterm Current Papers Spring 2012 of Virtual University of Pakistan [May 2012] 
write it down simply,,,
Here is my today’s paper:
20 MCQs all were more than easy
How ERD beneficial in system design….2 marks
JIT in reducing  production cost…..2 marks
How testing is performed in an integrated program…..3 marks
Difference between CAD n CAM…..3 marks
Bounded Rationality model…..5 marks
Problems/difficulties with prototyping…..5 marks