CS507 VU Midterm Papers Spring May 2012

Total 26

20 MCQs thay and 6 questione
1)what is scope creep?which mode can be lead to it and how?(5)
2) brainstorming is a decision making technique and how much it effective for problem solving(5)
3)discuss some characteristics of GDSS?(3)
4)Difference B/w modification and change over in a system design?(2)
5)D/f between operational feasibility and behavior feasibility?(3)
6)list down the strength and weakness of rational man model(2)
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(6 subjective questions)

1-How does Human Resource Information System help a Firm?
2-What are the considerations need to be kept in mind while defining parameters for desired output in system designing? Identify them?
3-Water fall and spiral model are used in software development extensively. Which model is best suited in manufacturing cars? Give reasons to
support your answer.
4-Customer becomes more important when competition in the market increased. Do you agree with this statement? Give reasons.
5-is the difference between database and data warehousing?
6-Compare the DFDs with ERDs?
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Total question 26
20 were mcqs all are in the past papers
2 question of 2 marks

Q-What you understand by Model Base DSS?
2 question of 3 marks
Q-incremental modal
Q-if a firm adopt CRM what issues will be generated ?
2 question of 5 marks
Q-Narrative model say related question tha
Q-what is brainstorming? how its help to solving problems?

Another Paper:
total 26 question
20 mcqs
6 long questions.

Compare the DFDs with ERDs?
what are the challenges faced by crm?
how feasibility study can apply on organization?
what are the reasons that differentiate manual system or computerized systems . discuss those reasons.