CS508 GDB Solution Spring 2017

Be prepared for GDB of the subject Modern Programming Languages (CS508) which will open in couple of days. Prepare your GDB comments in advance and post them when GDB will open. The GDB will remain open for two days (48 hours).

You can post your comments from “Wednesday, July 19, 2017” to “Thursday, July 20, 2017”.

GDB Topic:

You are required to develop a game which will be used to educate kids with movie clips and interactive parts. The game should have high resolution and with frame rate at least 30 frames per second. Game need to be developed quickly and it will run on android operating system.

It should be noted that performance cannot be compromised.

Keeping in mind the given above requirements and advantages/disadvantages of different programming languages. Which programming language from Java and C++, you will select for development of this game.