CS508 Modern Programming Languages Assignment 3 Solution Fall 2012

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Idevspot market-proven eCommerce solution enables software companies to rapidly
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a view to optimizing profitable revenue across online and offline channels.Scenario:
IdevSpot-PAF-Rentals Application
Pakistan Air Force gives a contract to Idevspot to develop a software application named
IdevSpot-PAF-Rentals. This software will create a directory of apartments, houses and
accommodations given to PAF staff members. PAF authorities will be able to visually
search location of apartments and houses on Google Maps and toggle 3D Google Earth
view. In addition, PAF authorities will also be able to search by category and specific
criteria, such as location, code number, etc. The main concerns of PAF are:
• Efficiency
• Highly reliable software
• Avoids error-prone notation
• Concurrent programming support
IdevSpot-Software Development team has decided to use Ada language to develop this application. Now being a part of this project answer the following questions:

A. Suppose (a+b)*(x-y) is the formula to calculate the location of apartment or house. Now you as a programmer write a complete program in Ada to solve this formula. Note that each mathematical operator (such as +) should be solved in a separate subprogram. [10]

B. Suppose to save apartment or house information of any staff member, you are using records of Ada. You as programmer write a program in Ada to store the records of staff member. The record should contain staff member’s name, CNIC, rank, apparment_Id, and apartment_ Address. Add one complete record for a staff member in your application. And also print that record. The use of access type is must. Use Put_Line(Integer’Image()); command to print the values of Integer type variables. The Output should like this: [10]
Name is: ABC
CNIC is: 3
Rank is: Captain
ApparmentId is: 1
ApartmentAddress is: FlatNo.4


You can learn ADA programming language basic from here. http://goanna.cs.rmit.edu.au/~dale/ada/aln.html