CS601 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2018

Question No. 1

In a network environment, two stations (A and B) are communicating with each other using a wired transmission medium. The information is being carried in the form of digital signal, where each level of the digital signal is converted to its respective binary representation before transmitting. If the digital signal has 12 levels, find out the number of bits that can be used to represent each level of the digital signal.     (Marks = 7)

Question No. 2

An XYZ company is using a high frequency for its transmission lines to supply electric power. If they are using a frequency of 220 Hz for the transmission of electric supply, find out the time period (in milliseconds) of the given electrical signal.                                                                           (Marks = 7)

Question No. 3

If a simple sine wave is offset with respect to time Zero by 1/8 cycles; you are required to find out the phase of that sine wave in Radians.                                                                                       (Marks = 3)

Question No. 4

An electronics company has made an oscillator that can generate a sine wave, which changes so rapidly that it’s interval of the wave can’t be determined. What will be the frequency of this sine wave?