CS601 Data Communication Final Paper March 2014

Type of fiber transmission mode            marks-5

HF and SHF  range and one application of each           marks-3

multiplexing modes           marks-5

check sum solution           marks-3

ENQ/ACK, POLL/SELECT, why need addressing in second one?           marks-5

FDM and WDM difference           marks-2

type of source in optical fiber           marks-2

why need signal amplification in a network           marks-3

name of FDDI registers and timers           marks-5

total 52 question, 42 MCQs other2,3,5 marks questions

Second Paper:

1- Types of noices 5marks

2- steps of checksum 5marks

3-way of implementing time division multiplex 2marks

4- suitable sugessted guided media was asked n reason y u sugges? 5marks (I wrote about Optic fiber)

5- disadvantages of fiber optic calble 3marks

6- Control field HDLC fram’s names 3marks

7-calculate bD of p1=70 p2=90 and tel via is it aplified or not. 5marks