CS601 VU Assignment No 3 Spring 2012 Solution

Q. 1. Suppose you have been asked to give a proposal of a Local Area Network for a company which requires easy reconfiguring, efficient in speed and economical in cost network. Considering these three factors, which guided media you will prefer for this type of network? Give three good reasons to support your answer.

(2 Marks for suggestion/name of media and 3 marks for three reasons) [2+3 = 5]


Unshielded twisted-Pair (UTP) Cable

Q. 2. Analog signals are considered more prone to Noise as compared to digital signals. Suggest a proper method or technique with its complete steps for a telecommunication company which wants to convert its analog signals in digital signal to avoid from noise.

Note: just name the technique and its steps, detail is not required.  [5 Marks]


Name of technique “Analog to digital conversion”steps
1: Pulse Amplitude Modulation
2: Pulse Code Modulation

Q. 3. In Data Communication, situations exist where we need to change the Digital Signals into Analog Signals.  Select the technique(s) which is/are used by modems for this purpose. Choose all that apply. [10 Marks]

  1. B8ZS
  2. Quantization Amplitude Modulation
  3. Amplitude Shift Keying
  4. Frequency Shift Keying
  5. Frequency Modulation
  6. Frequency Reducing Key
  7. Frequency Division Multiplexing
  8. Phase Shift Keying
  9. Phase Modulation
  10. Quadrature Amplitude Modulation
  11. Manchester Encoding Scheme
  12. 4 PSK

1. Amplitude Shift Keying
2. Frequency Shift Keying
3. Phase Shift Keying
4. Quadrature Amplitude Modulation