CS602 Computer Graphics GDB Solution Spring 2013

Suppose you are a newly appointed graphics designer and consultant at “FARO gaming Technologies” a leading company for the game development. It’s a charm for you to work here. You are assigned your first project (which is a base for your job security). While working on this project, a situation arises in which you have to find which among a set of complex objects contains a given point in space. To find an efficient approach for this, you have gone through the literature survey where you found many useful data structures and algorithms developed to deal with variations of this problem. Finally you got two approaches from which you have to decide which one to choose. One approach is of directly testing whether a given complex object contains the point or not.

On the other hand there is a second approach that we can screen for whether the point is contained within a bounding box for the object or not. The bounding box is simply the smallest rectangle that contains the object. If the point is not in the bounding box, then it cannot be in the object. If the point is in the bounding box, only then would we conduct the full comparison of the object versus the point.

As a graphic designer which one of the given tests will you choose? Think efficiently and justify your answer with the logic.