CS602 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 13 Feb 2012

40 mcqs and 13 questionlong question are:
what is gamut? 2 marks

define and explain refraction of light? 2 marks

what are tradeoff between the display speed and quality of image when subdividing in case of polygon and surface? 2marks
what two aspects of timing in an animation? 2 marks

differentiate between reflection and shear in context of 3d transformation? 3 marks

give traditional light calculation equation? 3 marksdifferentiate between the function using gl and glu prefixes of glut
library? 3marks

write down simplified third degree of bezier curve? 3marks

write down three routines for modeling transformation? 3 marks

write pseudo code or a function in C++, which will take tx and ty as parameter and translate points x1,y1 and x2, y2? 3 marks

what do you understand by the term “emission”? 5 marks

write down the uses of glut library? 5 marks

explain oren nayer diffuse reaction?

How it is different from limbertian diffuse shading? marks