CS602 Fall 2011 Final Term Feb 2012 – VU Current Paper – 18 Feb 2012

Total 53 Questions
40 MCQs
13 Short Questions

1. Elaborate the animation of Fast run cycle? (5 marks)
2. For Bezier Curve how many Control points are required and can be calculated?(5 marks)
3. Write down the error which occurs for glBegin and glEnd, also give its reasons?(5 marks)
4. Why Transformations are important for computer graphics?(3 marks)
5. If N is the number of small pieces that go into the larger one, S is the scale to which the smaller pieces compare to the larger one and D is the dimension. Then give the equation of the Hausdorff-Besicovitch dimension?(3 marks)
6. What is meant by storyboard in an animation?(3 marks)
7. Give traditional light calculation equation?(2 marks)
8. Which function is used for background processing tasks or continuous animation?(2 marks)
9. Write down the difference between one-dimensional and two-dimensional evaluator (only for what type of Bezier shape they are useful with)? (2 marks)

10. What will be degree of Bezier Curve, which having 3 control points?(2 marks)
11. Write down the developer audience and runtime requirements of OpenGL?(2 marks)
12. What does followingequationrepresents?(2 marks)


13. What is Line Clipping?(2 marks)