CS604 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2018


In this assignment, you are provided with a small startup code attached with this assignment in folder “Startup_Code”. Your job is to add some code as desired in this assignment.

First, you need to understand the working of the given code and execute it in Dev-C++. This program essentially draws some text and a line on screen as shown in following screenshot.

Initially, you need to open Assigment1.dev project file in Dev-C++. After successful compilation and execution, you will see the above output.

Your Task

Your task is to slightly modify this code in a way that by drawing the flag of Germany. Three colors should be used in flag i.e. black, red and yellow. Secondly there should be white color border line around the German Flag.

Draw the flag of Germany with three colors showing horizontally as shown in “German flag.exe”. You shall add your code in the areas indicated with comments “Modify your code here”.