CS604 VU Current Final Paper Spring July 2012

2 marks questions:

Problem occur while trying to avoid the condition of hold and wait for deadlock?

Write Disadvantages of dynamic loading?

Write name of common file structure?

Is it possible to install virtual machine on windows platform to run LINUX and how?

What Difference between outer page and inner page table?

3 marks questions:
What are the three stages/times when the address is bound to instructions and data?

Write difference between binary and counting semaphore?

If we create a pipe and a pipe data copied from vu solutions dot com return a numeric value -1 what does it means?

Will CPU utilization is decrease due to high page fault rate?

If average page fault time is 20 milliseconds and memory access time is 100 nanoseconds Then calculate effective access time?

5 marks questions:
Explain page fault and how to handle?

Write advantages of dynamic loading?

Explain page fault frequency model how to control page thrashing?