CS604 VU Current Midterm Fall 2012 Paper 8 December 2012

what is difference b/w preemptive and non-preemptive (2)

difference b/w progress and bound waiting

virtual machine V scheduling algorithm different steps ty uno ko descending order ma btana ta

pseudo code aya ta 5 marks ka


critical section

exit section

}while (1)

is ma critical section ko handle karna ta

Last 5 number k question ma task diya ta with shortage memory ya btana ta which is best to perform task is thread or child processes

Another Paper:

1)      Difference between “progress” and “ bounded time: in critical section. 2 marks (ans page 98)

2)      Background k bary me tha Question samjh nai aya tha 2 marks

3)      If process in background then we want its move in foreground then what unix linux command is use to moving. 3 marks(ans page 65)

4)      How The open source help us to test the algorithm 3 marks (ans page94)


p Cpu burst
P1 5
P2 4
P3 7
P4 1
P5 8
P6 10

Ye table tha isy fcfs , round robin, sjf in 3no me karna tha 5matks


6)      Compile and running c program page 28 py jo topic hai aisa he ak program tha or us ki detail btani thi 5 marks
Difference b/w Bounded and Progress
What is Pre-emptive , briefly describe
5 Mks Question : First Come First Serve (FCFS) , Shortest Job First (SJF) and round robin for P1 – P5 , with P 1 and P 5 arriving at 0 , Quantum of 4 for Round Ribin,
Burst Time P1 = 9 , P2 = 4 , P 3 = 6 , P4 = 1 and P5 = 10
What is Shortest Job First , ( there was a logical statement like Wait time decreases vs long process