CS605 Assignment 1 Solution Spring 2018

Question No. 1                                                                                                                (5 Marks)

Suppose you are working in a software development company as a project manager. Currently the project you are working has well understood requirements and has to complete in a very short time (2-3 months). The project scope is very constrained.

For the above scenario which form of incremental model will be suitable? Also mention the reasons for choosing the model.

Question No. 2                                                                                                                (5 Marks)

Nust is a software house working in Lahore. Currently the project on which this software house is working is the development of Advanced surgery management system for a hospital. This system will contain very advance and complex features. As requirements were not well understood for this system and client was also failed to provide all the requirements for this system, hence a mock up application was created for this project.

For the above scenario which Software Life Cycle Model was chosen? Mention the appropriate reason for choosing this model.

Question No. 3                                                                                                                (5 Marks)

Mira-soft is a software house currently working on air traffic management system. The system is very complex and hence for making decisions about the system, it is decided to take group consensus. Also it is decided that no eternal team leader will be assigned for this project.

You are required to select an appropriate team organization structure suggested by Mantei for the above scenario. Provide your answer with appropriate reason.